Qi Gong

BalanceI teach Zhineng Qi Gong. Qi Gong class times:

Friday 9.30 am

Saturday 9 am


The Qi Gong Programme

  • Rolling the Spine and Arching the Lumbar Balance
  • Building your core – Energising Dantian
  • Drawing the universal energy for rejuvenation
  • The Secret of Healing Sound
  • Rotating the Hips
  • The first and second chakra training
  • Tightening the pelvic floor muscles
  • Wholeness Standing Form
  • Grinding neck and shoulder blades
  • La Qi self energy healing art
  • The Dance of the Energy Essence
  • Sitting in Tranquillity

Qi GongQi Gong is an ancient and graceful healing art

– a gift from China’s 7,000 year history.

When practised regularly it enables one to naturally align. It is low impact and is both energising and meditative.

As we gently begin to stretch and move, every tendon, ligament, muscle and bone in the body becomes adjusted and we begin to re-achieve the flexibility of our youth – yes we do! It is such fun to realise that we do not have to go down the path of the sore, stiff and rigid as we age.

In so doing the organs of our body are nourished by the extra qi and blood that they are receiving from the movements and we begin to feel a more balanced sense of well being.

It is safe, simple and effective, bringing harmony to every aspect of our body, mind and spirit as we enter into the tranquil state.
Back aches and pains disappear as we regain the suppleness in our strengthening spines. It also helps conditions such as insomnia, constipation, headaches, fatigue, stress/anxiety, depression and is a simple way to relieve PMT (pre-menstrual tension).

There are many forms of Qi Gong.

Zhineng Qi Gong is the creation of Professor Pang Laoshi who in the early 1980’s presented a melding of the healing traditions from Taoist, Buddhist, medical and martial arts. The result is a system suitable for anyone to practise with a focus on health, healing and consciousness.

The meaning of the words Zhineng Qi Gong:

Zhi – wisdom/cultivating intelligent energy
Neng – ability to heal

qi-energyQi – energy

gong-workGong – work

Wisdom Healing Qigong is summarized by Dr. Ming Pang as follows:

” …. use of the mind’s intelligence to direct ‘chi/qi’ to transform, perfect and realize the conscious potential of the holistic body, thereby uplifting the consciousness of the practitioner from automated condition to that of autonomous wisdom. It is a path to equality, freedom and peace of humanity.”