Here’s what others say about Joan:

“Acupuncture changed my life, I can walk again! Here is the remarkable real life story of recovery that happened right here in New Brighton.

When Lillian came to me for treatment she was unable to walk, her husband David carried her everywhere. She was so photophobic (light sensitive) that she arrived at my clinic wearing welding glasses. She wore these glasses all day long as she sat in her darkened room at home. She was suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) she was under the burden of the onset of diabetes and she had chronic pain in her back, hips, shoulders and knees. After treating Lillian 2 times per week for 1 month using Acupuncture together with other techniques, Lillian’s condition started to dramatically improve. After 6 months her blood pressure normalized for the first time in twenty-three years and well……I’ll let her speak for herself:

When I first went to Joan Kollmann for treatment 6 months ago I could only walk with help. I could not shower or dress myself, my back, hip, shoulder and knee were very painful. I was taking 8 painkillers a day. It was impossible to be in the sun or electric light. I’d had dermatitis for over 8 years. Now with care I can do all the things I could not do – dress myself, be in the light, gardening, get up and down the stairs unaided. I have my confidence back. I can now hold a pen and write again.

This year I will be eighty years old, with medication and Acupuncture from Joan I feel I can face the world again.”

Lillian Thomas, Avondale, Christchurch

“Dear Joan, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me so very much with regard to my state of health. When I first came to see you my sinuses and nose was so blocked that I could not breathe through my nose at night while I tried to sleep. Now I can breathe through my nose easily at night and I feel no discomfort.
My memory had been failing me often and I notice a marked improvement in it now. I have great difficulty in getting off to sleep at night and drank beer to help me to fall asleep. I would always wake at between 4-5am. Now, I fall to sleep with ease and I sleep right through until 7am. I had constipation problems where my bowels would not move for up to 3 days. Now I have a bowel movement every day.

When I watched television my skull and on the top of my head felt as though there was immense pressure there. Now, this has disappeared completely. I had ear and eye problems – my eyes were inflamed and painful. My ears seemed to be failing me in as much as it seemed that there was a kind of a veil preventing me from hearing properly. Now, my eyes have no inflammation and my hearing has improved.

My blood pressure was high at 150 over 90. Now it is 142 over 82. I was suffering from depression over the last year and that has lifted to the degree that my outlook has now become positive.

I have had 9 treatment sessions with you and if I was not leaving the country would continue with you for you have helped me immensely and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Paul Raas, Switzerland

“Dearest Heart,
You are so much more than what you do, but what you do is incredible! Thank you for your healing, your non-judgemental love, and your patience.

You are a light in the Darkness.”

Evie, Christchurch

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